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Mad Scientists

Mad Scientists

To be fair, they aren't really Mad Scientists...although Guns and Ammo may have felt that way about them during their first encounter.  However, once you learn about their credentials and how crazy smart they are, you may think they're mad scientists.  We will leave it up to you to decide whether that is the case or not. Currently, however, their madness is focused on protecting Colossal, Michigan and, to an even greater extent, the world, and they may have to do some unsavory things to achieve these goals. Find out in the pages of the Ballistic Boyz.

Name: Dr. Tom Callaghan
Team Affiliation: Ballistic Boyz
Height: 6’0”
Hair: Bald & Goatee
Eyes: Brown

Graduated college at age 14
Super scientist
Business guru
Army Scientist for 27 years
Armed Forces Scapegoat
Created Guns and Ammo
Created the protagonist of Ballistic Boyz

Name: Dr. Carmen Hacker
Team Affiliation: Ballistic Boyz
Height: 5’5
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Child prodigy in the field of science
Earned her Doctorate at the age of 18
In tune with current social and political events
Dr. Callaghan’s assistant

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