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Against the doctor's better judgement, the military brass insist Mark Forrey be used in their super-soldier experiment. He had the skills, mentality and temperament to be their next-level solder. Now he's a next-level, ex-military, super-soldier-creation gone wrong and the Ballistic Boyz main protagonist. 

He can control seismic waves, causing the land to shake. He can tap into H2O molecules and manipulate water. He can sense and utilize atmospheric pressure to control the winds and he can start and control fire. He is the master of the elements.  To sum this villain up, he has little regard for life, lusts for power and has world domination on his mind. 

To make matters worse, he doesn't have a super villain name. This is only making him madder and more dangerous.  EchoVerse Comics needs your help! 

Fulfill our villain's desire for a name.  In doing so, it may quench is thirst for destruction and domination and give our heroes a chance to defeat him.

Real Name: Mark Forrey
Alter Ego: Schism
Height: 6’1”
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Can see and tap into seismic wavelengths
Can see and manipulate atmospheric pressure
Can sense water molecules and control water
If heat, fuel and an oxidizing agent are present, he can start and control fire
He can absorb disease and deliver it in the form of plague and pestilence
He is a bad man


EchoVerse Comics would like to send out a big “THANK YOU!!!!” to everyone who participated in our “Give Our Villain A Name” contest and give a big CONGRATULATIONS to our contest winner, Evan Russo!

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