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The EchoVerse consists of many realities. There is our reality...from which we are in right now. There is the EchoVerse reality...which is lived in through the images below. And, there are the echos of the EchoVerse reality. it goes on and on...perhaps to infinity. 

The EchoVerse we see here in our comics, with BrazFraz and the Ballistic Boyz, is our parallel reality right "next door" so to speak. It's got its own problems, lives, people, political climate and issues relateable to our own. It is only a step or two different than the world we live in and include few meta-humans. Therefore, we invite you to take a break from your reality and join in ours.  Take a few minutes and enjoy some suspension-of-disbelief and revel in a world and time that parallels our own...with some minor differences...depending on how you look at it.  This is your EchoVerse Comics.

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